Consider a Licensed Practical Nursing Career


There seems to be a thin line between LPN scope of practice to that of registered nurses. After all, they can perform almost the same functions except for one solid difference: a licensed practical nurse cannot function without the direction or even the supervision of a registered nurse. A registered nurse, on the other hand, can be independent in his work. This means that he can perform a lot of functions without getting any mandate from anyone-as long as it is within his bounds or code of ethics of nurses.

What LPNs Can Perform

Before we proceed, you should be aware that licensed practical nurses are not medical assistants, who are in the lower level than the LPNs. However, both of them are under the direction of a registered nurse. An LPN can perform both simple and complex medical processes, but he must do so as long as there is a registered nurse or even a doctor. The following can be some of his major functions:

LPN Career

Assessment of the Patient’s Condition.

Together with the nurse or the doctor, the licensed practical nurse is tasked to share his opinion with regards to the overall health status of the patient. He can also gather, record, and report data, as well as take note of any changes in the condition of the patient. He can also gather information that can either be a sign or a symptom that will help them identify the real status of the patient’s health.

Patient Development and Care.

During the course of hospitalization or medication of the patient, the licensed practical nurse is expected to help in the formulation of short- and long-term objectives for the patient. He may be required to come up with his own written care and development plan, which will then be corroborated to those produced by the physician and the registered nurse. He will also assist in determination of measures that aims to provide support to various human processes. He is also one of those responsible in maintaining a conducive environment for the patient, one that can encourage fast and easy recovery.

Therapy and Palliative Care.

A licensed practical nurse can also work together with certain tech gadgets and machines that are needed during therapy and surgery. They may also perform radiology procedures. Moreover, an LPN can handle chronic pain management together with the RN and implement therapy, relaxation, and other dynamic techniques.

Who Their Patients Are

An LPN can and should learn to work with any type of patient, whether he’s an adult, baby, toddler, or elderly. He should also fit to any kind of industry, including industrial, private, and educational setting. He may also be required to travel at a distance to administer cure and medication for those who don’t have the means to go to a medical facility. Anyone who practices LPN must know, however, that there will be specific requirements that he needs to meet before he can perform his duties. New York rules are different from those of Utah and Oklahoma. One thing is for sure, though. You don’t need to belong to the top ten (10) in your class or board exam before you can become an LPN. You just need to know your job and have the heart to do your duties that are within LPN scope of practice.

Earn your LPN Degree Online

LPN Studies Online

Now, there’s an easy way to become a licensed practical nurse without having to go through the hassles of lining up for enrolment or for paying tuition fees. You even have the option of studying at home. You can do these by getting an LPN degree online. By taking your LPN course online, you can be as flexible with your schedule as you want. Compare this to enrolling at a regular school and earning your LPN degree there. You have to adjust to the schedules offered by the school. However, in joining an online LPN program, you have the freedom to choose your own schedule without having to compromise your day job. Whether you’re having a regular or a graveyard shift, it doesn’t matter. You can still attend your LPN classes without fail. Plus, you can learn at your own pace. There’s no need to worry about being unintentionally absent and missing a few lessons.

With online LPN programs, you can go back to any lessons that you missed. You won’t have to miss a beat in getting your LPN degree online. One thing that makes an online LPN course advantageous is that some online universities let you complete the program in portions. You don’t need to take the full course if you have a job schedule that makes it difficult for you to do so. You can just take parts of the program that you think you can accommodate without having programs with your existing day job.

Another advantage to taking a program for an LPN degree online is that you have access to one of the largest reservoirs of much-needed information: the Internet. That’s what makes distance learning formidable. All of the research materials or instructional publications can be downloaded at any time from the¬†healthcare sites like these. This is different from taking an LPN course in a campus-based setting, where a student has to be physically present in order to receive the needed files and materials. That’s where the differences end.

As an online LPN student, you get access to the many scholarships and grants that are offered to regular students. The federal government does not make a distinction after all between online and regular students. If financial status is bothering and stopping you from pursuing an LPN degree, put a stop to it now. You can seek for lower fees and successfully earn your diploma as a licensed practical nurse regardless of your financial health.After graduating with an LPN degree online, you can then join the ranks of other licensed practical nurses and work as an assistant to a registered nurse. Info show that there is an expected shortage of personnel in the nursing industry within 10 years, and employment agencies are always on the lookout for new recruits. You can take advantage of this and go to work right away. With your degree, you can choose to further your education by taking a masters or to upgrade your certification to being an RN after some time.

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