Finding the Right Career


Are you at the brink of time when you have to pick a career? Ever since your first bike went rusty, you’ve been hoping to end up in the perfect career, haven’t you?

Here’s the reality that can help you make better decisions.

Dream JobThe current global economic meltdown has taken a toll on virtually every individual in the world. Youngsters are bearing the brunt of the economic crisis in the present scenario. Unemployment has hit an all time high in most of the countries around the world, including nations known to have a very powerful economy.

The retrograding economy today has embittered the lives of many qualified professionals across the world. There have been a large number of job cuts ever since the world’s stock market collapsed in the latter half of 2007. The current economic situation makes you wonder if there are any jobs at all that are not sensitive to economic disintegration. Fortunately, there are a few fields that have not been affected by the waxing and waning economy. Here is a list of 9 such fields

  1. Medical and health related jobs: The unfortunate fact remains that people still fall ill and it has no connection with the ‘world economy’. Hence medical help is required by the people suffering with health problems. Doctors and nurses are always needed to give proper care and treatment to the unhealthy citizens of a country. Statistics show that doctors were least affected by the financial impairment the world is facing today.
  2. Police and Sheriff’s Patrol officers: Another deplorable fact is that statistics obtained from Department of Crime Control and Public Safety suggest that there has been a 2% increase in the crime rate since January 2007. Hence the cops still have a job at hand and this is a known fact that morals will continue to fall and crimes will always be in existence unless the world witnesses a revolutionary change.
  3. Food Industry: Jobs in the food industry still continue to increase. Nations having an agriculture based economy have not let the world economy affect them much. Food is required by humans to stay alive and is a necessity for life. The food industry recruits engineers and science graduates. Engineers can definitely think of pursuing a carrier in the food industry. This is an evergreen industry and will continue to survive. The day to day eateries will still be sold and the staff will still have a job at hand irrespective of the global market condition.
  4. Energy: This category involves sectors like extraction and distillation of petroleum products, mining of coal, gold and other raw elements, purification of various fossil fuels etc. The jobs in these fields are no layman’s task and thorough professionals are needed. There is an immense demand of graduates in the field of mining, petroleum extraction and purification. Although companies have unlaxed the purchases of these commodities for the time being and the prices of oil and gas continue to fluctuate, there still is a heavy demand of professionals who can work at sights and perform tasks that need a thorough knowledge of the subject.
  5. Environment: A lot of awareness is being spread about the gruesome affects of global warming and people are wising up to the fact that if the correct steps are not taken immediately then global warming can have horrible affects on the generations to come. This is one of those fields that will always have work to be accomplished. For instance, a lot of work is being done in order to install water treatment plants in the cities of some countries. With the shortage of water presenting a malicious threat, people are no more oblivious to the fact that correct steps need to be taken in order to make the planet green. Recycling polythene waste, preservation of energy resources and other such entities will always require a lot of qualified people to carry out the tasks efficiently.
  6. Teaching: Teaching is one profession which will always survive. Children will go to school no matter what the economy says. In Asian countries there is a huge demand for English language trainers. Other than this, teachers for Math and Science will always find students willing to learn. From school till higher studies, teachers are an inevitable aspect of a student’s life and will continue to be.
  7. International business: This is a world where most of the nations are dependent on other nations for some of their needs. A country having a firm and stable agriculture based economy will export agro products and raw materials to a country where agriculture is not the main occupation. This way the import and export business keeps growing at a steady pace. As a youngster with a degree in international business you can have many opportunities knocking your door.
  8. Nanotechnology: This is one field that is yet to be explored. Already things have gone from ‘mini’ to ‘micro’. There is a great requirement of people who can work toward developing nano products. A great deal of work is being carried out at research centers over the world toward developing nano products that are further used in entities like computers, mobile phones etc. The scientists working in the field of nanotechnology believe that there is a lot to be discovered and this emerging field has the potential to change the world.
  9. The Fashion industry: This is an industry that has grown at a phenomenal pace since the early 40s. Celebrities are the unofficial brand ambassadors of every little entity in the fashion industry. There are a number of specialized professionals in the fashion industry, designers that work on beautifying the clothes people wear, professionals who design props like sunglasses, bracelets and earrings. The basic principle governing the fashion industry is that no matter what the economy of a country is, people would still want to look as stylish as they can and would still buy clothes and props that make them look ‘cool’. Modeling is also a very sought after profession in many countries and the best in the business reach heights.

These may be some of the fields that have not witnessed the terrible effects of the credit crunch the world is facing today but you need to realize that in any profession it is important to give the best and as Winston Churchill once said, “Sometimes it is not important to do your best but to do what is necessary”