Get Rid of the Ridiculous Trash on your Resume


Having trouble finding a job? It is not that recruiters aren’t looking for you; it is just that you are not being presentable enough for them to consider you. That one piece of paper called ‘resume’ reflects your whole personality and you need to make sure that you play with words in such a way on that piece of paper that it attracts attention and does not just end up in that ugly pile of trash. Writing a good resume is like mounting a bike on a hitch bike rack. You need to tie it up really well and leave no lose ends.

Simple Resume

Around the world, you will come across pretty average people who land some amazing jobs simply because their employment application and resume speak a lot in a few words. Here are some key personality traits that a poor resume reflects:

  1. Desperation: A resume that is full of long paragraphs talking about how greatness and you are inseparable is one that reflects sheer desperation. The direction it goes in – towards a trash can.
  2. Lack of knowledge: This is generally the case when you start manipulating your resume as per every second job opportunity you find. A finance graduate applying for the post of a rocket scientist is simply ridiculous and headhunters have an eye too smart for cheap manipulations on your resume. The direction it goes in – down the gutter.
  3. Overconfidence: A resume that does not really talk about your technical experience but tells stories about how you resolved a technical conflict in your previous company would only have the recruiter read ‘over confidence’ all over it. The direction it goes in – In the middle of the ‘to be considered later’ pile.
  4. Good liar: To add false information to your resume is the worst thing you can do. Remember, there are points for honesty, both on your resume and during your interview. If you lie in your resume, and try to vary your field of expertise from one to another and claim to be a master of all, you are in for a lot more interviews. Such an online job application has no direction. It might just be torn into pieces by some frustrated headhunters who haven’t been able to find the right candidate in a long time.
  5. Indiscipline: If a person is disciplined and confident, it shows in their resume. The way you have structured your resume matters a lot as well. If you have a resume with different fonts and ugly line breaks and hideous tables, your recruiter is likely to consider you professionally unfit. The direction it goes in – towards that stain on the recruiter’s table that needs to be cleaned quickly.

It is not just your resume that lands you a job but it is the first step in the long procedure of you landing a job. A good career advisor would be able to help you make a decent resume that would sell you as a thorough professional. Once you have that in place, your employment search might just come to a sweet end. Make sure that you have a handsome resume and an employment application that is to the point and does not talk trash.


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