Further Your Education In The Medical Field


This article looks at the importance of sonography education for people who want to pursue a profitable career path in the field of health care. This career offers a lucrative profession with above average pay and job security because of the huge demand for this kind of service.

Sonography Specialization Options

This specialized field can be subdivided into various categories:

  • For example, the abdominal sonographer is focused on the ultrasonic imaging of the liver, gallbladder, pancreas, kidneys and the spleen.
  • The cardiovascular sonographer is in charge of imaging the parts of the cardiovascular system, such as the heart and the various blood vessels.
  • Neurosonographers focus on the imaging of the brain and its blood vessels, especially in pre-term infants, to find out if there is any evidence of stroke or any disorders.

Ultrasound-TEchnician-SchoolsSonography education will not only ensure that the graduates are proficient in the use of the diagnostic imaging equipment and interpreting its results but also on how to interact with the patients and other health care professionals.

How Sonography Works

Sonography programs from accredited schools train the students on the proper location of the transducers that are usually in close contact with the patient’s skin. This device acts like a speaker and a microphone because it creates ultrasonic waves and then receives the waves that have rebounded from the interior of the patient’s body. A computer analyzes how the waves have bounced back to determine the shapes found inside that part of the body and these images are recorded for future study by the physician who will use them to make a diagnosis. Sonography education also ensures that the sonographers are skilled in human relations, particularly with critically ill patients who may not be in the best mood, especially when the process is invasive in nature.

Ensure You Get An Accredited Sonography Education

Those who are planning to pursue this profitable career path, because of the increasing demand for health care are advised to make sure that the diagnostic medical sonography programs that they select in cities and states, such as Texas City and Ontario, TX, have been accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP).

Certification Examinations

This is important if you want to have an edge over other sonographers, because only graduates of CAAHEP-recognized programs can take the certification examinations administered by the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonographers (ARDMS). Those who pass these certification exams will have a better chance of getting hired, because most employers require this certification even though the states do not have laws mandating certification for this particular field.

Some of the technical responsibilities include:

  • the gathering and accurate recording of information regarding the patient’s medical history
  • the performance of the diagnostic imaging procedures
  • the ability to interpret the resulting images
  • deciding whether additional diagnostic procedures need to be made

Sonography education prepares the students for the various responsibilities of a medical sonographer. These are the technical aspects of the job, but he or she must also cultivate his or her interpersonal skills to be better equipped with dealing with other health professionals, and most importantly, with the patients.